Red Dots

At the surface, power-based personal violence can seem like an abstract concept. For some, acts like stalking, dating violence, sexual assault, and rape happen in movies or in faraway places on the news. But for most in Alaska, these are acts of violence that have affected friends, family, or themselves.

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Our communities are made up of good people who want violence to end but may not know what to do about it and who have valid reasons they don’t intervene.  We call these reasons for not intervening “barriers.”  We all have barriers and that is ok!

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Green Dots

Violence prevention must mirror the problem of violence. In the same way that violence is a collection of individual choices to do harm, we can make an army of individual choices to step in, to intervene, to say “no.” Every choice to intervene is a green dot. So keep watch.

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Daily Dots

We know that too many red dots are happening in our communities! Anchorage, Bethel, Kenai, Homer and Prince of Wales Island are ready to do something about it!

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