Red Dots

Red Dots Are Individual Choices to Do Harm – They are Moments in Time

At the surface, power-based personal violence can seem like an abstract concept. For some, acts like stalking, dating violence, sexual assault, and rape happen in movies or in faraway places on the news. But for most in Alaska, these are acts of violence that have affected friends, family, or themselves.

Fundamentally, violence in our community is a collection of individual choices to do harm. And each choice to do harm is a red dot on our map. A red dot is a moment in time where someone’s words, choices, or actions contribute to or tolerate violence in some way.  Even though it may be hard to get involved, the truth is when most Alaskans choose to stay out of it more red dots make in on to our map.  The Green Dot program recognizes that intervening can be hard and that more people would step in if they had the right set of tools.  Click the button below to begin exploring options for intervening when you see a potential red dot.