Daily Dots

Violence prevention must mirror the problem of violence. In the same way that violence is a collection of individual choices to do harm, we can make an army of individual choices to step in, to intervene, to say “no.” Every choice to intervene is a green dot. So keep watch. If you see a situation of potential violence, something that flicks you in the gut, try one of the 3 Ds and do your part!

Any act or any statement that expresses an intolerance of violence is yet another green dot. When we build these “daily green dots” into our lives, we begin to change the culture. Right now, our culture supports violence. By doing daily green dots, we will change our culture to one where violence is not tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part. Even if you go through a whole day or week without ever seeing a red dot, there are still small things you can do every day to spread green dots. Take a look at the list of suggestions and make a commitment!

Click here for some ideas and to make your own commitment.