Important Answers to Your Wall Decal Questions

Wall decals are a popular way to spruce up any naked wall space a home or business may have. First of all, they are easy to apply and easy to take off paired with vinyl banners from They do not carry the hassle a coat of paint brings with it. Secondly, they offer full customization so you can have whatever look you want. Finally, they are very affordable and easy to acquire. However, a decal is only as good as its placement. The final step will always lie with the individual who has to actually stick it to the wall. So if you have questions about using wall decals, then here are the best answers.

What is the Best File Type?

Technological advancement has been great for communication but it also tends to make things a little confusing Printmoz is there to make everything simple. For instance, image files can be saved in a variety of types. You can have a JPEG file, PNG file, or TIFF file. You can also use and AI file or an EPS file. When considering a wall decal you not only want the clearest image you can find but one that can be blown up as well. Remember, the image you send will be enlarged and that simple action can dial down quality depending on the file. JPEGs, TIFFs, and PNGs have pixels so when you enlargen them they begin to blur. Pixelated images are best for digital screens and projections. EPS and AI are what are known as vector files and can be increased to any size without a loss to quality. You can also contact the company you are using directly and find out what their preferred files are.

Is There A Size Restriction?

Size depends on the company you choose to make your wall decals. Most business make decals between 12 to about 60 inches. The dimensions fit whatever graphic you upload with the maximum length on the largest side of the image. So if the graphic is larger vertically the 60 inches will be top to bottom, but if it is larger horizontally the 60 inches will be left to right. The shorter side of the image will be printed proportionately for a nice even look. Some companies are not able to stretch the image to 60 inches and taper off somewhere around 50 or 40. This is why you need to do two things before purchasing a wall decal. First, you need to look at your image and figure out what size you need for the space it will be placed in. Secondly, you have to contact the printing company and see what their maximum size is.

Is The Wall Decal Ready To Go?

The best thing about wall decals is that application is very easy. You simply transfer the decal from the paper and stick it in place. Remember, a wall decal is not just a simple sticker. You want it to go on smooth and even. Luckily, most companies will include a nifty squeegee with your order. This allows you to easily install the decal with minimal hassle. A squeegee applies the right kind of pressure so the decal goes down flat. It also gets rid of any bubbles that pop up. Every decal also comes with full instructions to help you place it on your wall the right way.

Are There Color Options?

Most printing companies will have a wide variety of colors available for wall decals. This is great for customization and theme. If you are a business and want company colors presented in your decal all you have to do is ask. Printers have two ways of putting color on decals. They have stock colors which can be a bit limited, and full customization with color printers. They utilize full-color printers to make the actual image portion of your decal so that you can have any color you can think of. Stock colors have more to do with the physical side of the decal, which is why they can be limited to between 20 to 35 colors.

Should I Keep the Background

There are two considerations when deciding about the background. One is if you want a rectangle encompassing your image, and two is if you want an easier set-up. A background on a wall decal is the difference between a big rectangle and a free-standing image. The rectangle provides the decal a banner-look. It takes up the most space on the wall and looks more like an image stuck on a wall. Eliminating the background grants you a cut-out decal that has a painted-on look. This means passerby may actually think the decal has been painted on the wall rather than stuck there. Obviously a big giant rectangle is easier to stick onto a wall. You roll it out put it up and you are done. If removing the background creates a lot of tiny pieces you have to stick independently application can become an ordeal. From a style perspective a free-standing image may be more eye-catching than an image surrounded by a border. So ask yourself what you prefer, less-style or less headache, and then go from there.