Green Dot Commitments

April 2017-March 2018

What is a green dot? A green dot is simply your individual choice at any given moment to make our communities safer. No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something to end violence. What will your green dot be?

Every year 21,401 Alaskan women experience domestic or sexual violence. That’s 1,783 acts of violence every month. It’s 59 women experiencing violence per day.

Make a commitment to show your support. Make Alaska safer for everyone!

We’re counting all the Green Dots commitments you make. We believe the biggest contribution we can make to reduce the number of people impacted by violence is to contribute our moments – our Green Dots – in our day-to-day lives.

We can do this Alaska! Go Green Dot!


Green Dot commitments made and actions taken from April 2017 to March 2018

Green Dot Commitments

Take part in a locally planned Green Dot event in AprilPut phone number for local hotline in phoneWear Green Dot or agency pinPost status on why this mattersPost status on why this matters again. Get friends to re-postGet a friend to post bystander story on FacebookLike/Share/Comment on related stories others postGet someone to post why this matters to themAsk a family member to wear a pinAdd statement of support to email signatureHang Green Dot posterHang poster from local agencyAsk someone to talk to someone else about preventionSend related article to someoneLeave Green Dot pin & postcard for mail carrierExplain Green Dot via text with a youth in your lifeTell advocate they matterLeave Green Dot postcard for serverGive 3 Green Dot postcards to 3 people in your communityPut a Green Dot/prevention screensaver on your phoneHave family conversation at a mealThank a bystander who helpedGet someone to support local eventTell friend/ coworker why it mattersRead websites about local domestic violence/ sexual violence centerInvite your friends on Facebook to join the Green Dot World pageGet someone to sign up for Green Dot trainingFind inspirational song and share with explanationUse Green Dot World on Facebook to connectGet 2 other people to select a couple of these options to doGet a bag of green M&M's and give away with explanationConvince faith leader, pizza owner, grocer to use insertMake a Green Dot craft and give it away with explanationSupport local eventWrite letter to editorHave conversation over coffeeSupport others' green dotsGet together with some folks and a camera.Reenact some proactive or reactive Green Dots.Consider posting 6-second videos or longer videos on FacebookIncorporate a 3-minute "green dot spotlight" at your staff meetingsHave a movie night with friends and watch a film about this issue (like The Kite Runner or Waitress)Talk about it: What if you were a bystander in that story?Reach out to another organization, in or out of state, who implements Green Dot and talk to them about collaboration/what they have done that worksSupport businesses that support prevention efforts, and tell them why you are supporting themWork with a local coffee shop to add Green Dot sleeves with bystander tips to their cupsMake a piece of Green Dot jewelry and wear or give away with explanationBring an anti-violence training to your organization. It could be Green Dot, or a training to learn more about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, child abuse, etc.Talk to someone about barriers, the 3D's, and your hope for a safer communityFind domestic violence/sexual violence related song and share with explanationCreate an insert that can go in church bulletin or pizza box or grocery bagAsk a young person in your life some"what if" questions about seeing bullying or dating violence situationsOther

Want to add more? Feel free to change this number to however many you're planning on completing!